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Our experience in Banking Law

We have broad experience in Banking Law, involving both negotiations with banks and in-court and out-of-court settlements concerning multiple types of complex financial products sold by the banking sector, commonly known as “toxic products” (swaps, preferred shares, convertible bonds, etc.)

We are also experts on the defense of consumers and users. We have overseen a large number of litigations in this area, including claims involving abusive clauses in home loans to consumers, such as the floor clause and mortgage arrangement fees, among others.

Who can benefit from our Banking Law services?

We advise both individuals and corporations, always seeking a fast, practical solution to their problems.

Our priority is to defend the rights and interests of those affected by bank contracts that include abusive clauses, and by the complex financial products sold by the banking sector. We provide our clients with expert advice aimed at recovering their money.

What services do we offer?

Some of the services we offer in this area are as follows:

  • Banking contracts
  • Claims for general contract conditions, “abusive clauses”:
    • Floor clause
    • Mortgage arrangement fees
    • Late payment interest clause
    • Prepayment penalty clause
    • Guarantor clause
  • Multi-currency mortgages
  • Claims against Banking Entities arising from complex financial products:
    • Preferred shares
    • Swaps
    • Subordinated debt
    • Convertible bonds
    • Securities
  • Banco Popular shares
  • Opposition to foreclosures and execution of non-judicial titles, and negotiation of out-of-court agreements with financial and banking entities (releases, payment plans, etc.)

Our Banking Law Team

At Caruncho y Tomé, we specialize in Banking and Financial Law. Our department is made up of expert lawyers and economists with extensive experience in managing a large number of cases in this field nationwide.

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