Civil Law

Lawyers Specialized in Civil Law

For more than 25 years, our experienced civil lawyers have provided comprehensive guidance to companies and individuals on private legal matters, obtaining out-of-court and in-court settlements in all types of disputes.

This field of law covers the majority of the private-legal relationships between individuals and companies through acts, contracts and business dealings with legal implications. Our Civil Law division collaborates with the other departments in our firm to deliver a comprehensive service adapted to the needs of each case, seeking complete solutions for our clients.

What issues are covered by Civil Law?

Although our Civil Law experts are ready to assist you with all types of legal proceedings (oral, ordinary and small claims hearings), our lawyers work hard to prevent potential litigation scenarios by advising you before you sign any contract, anticipating potential disputes and finding the best solutions to protect your interests.

While Civil Law covers a broad variety of issues, we will summarize our firm’s main activities on civil matters, in which our professionals have obtained many positive outcomes to their claims:

  • General civil liability (damages claims)
  • Contractual and non-contractual liability
    • Claims for breach of contractual obligations
    • Claims for damages resulting from fault or negligence
  • Formalization, termination and execution of all kinds of contracts
  • Debt recovery between individuals and companies.
  • Inheritances and inheritance law
    • Wills and declarations of heirship
    • Legal and tax planning for testate inheritance.
    • Accepting an inheritance.
    • Legitime and legacy claims.
    • Succession planning for family-owned businesses.
  • Property and landlord-tenant law
    • Actions on temporary and full rights in property (possession and ownership)
    • Actions on limited rights in property (beneficial ownership, easement, surface rights)
    • Advice on setting up and filing claims for sureties (collateral, mortgages)
    • Writing of rental contracts
    • Unpaid rent and eviction claims
  • Aviation liability claims
  • Health law and clinical negligence
  • Termination and fulfillment of contracts

Consumer and user claims (defective products, negligent services…)

Our Civil Law Team

Our professionals in this department have extensive training and background in their field and are regular lecturers on Civil Law issues in different forums.

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