Tax Law

Lawyers Specialized in Tax Law

Our Economic-Financial and Tax Department offers clients a multidisciplinary service geared to the different branches of corporations.

What services does our Economic-Financial and Tax Department offer?


  • We prepare all kinds of reports and expert opinions for any court.
  • We offer accounting advice and management services tailored to the needs of our clients.
  • We perform project feasibility studies, with good planning from the outset to ensure profitability from the moment they are launched.

Domestic Taxation

  • We provide tax advice to companies on their accounting and filing obligations from the start of their activities, with the aim of reducing their tax burden.
  • We advise individuals, planning their assets and seeking the best solution for the requirements of each case to reduce their personal income tax.
  • We also offer tax planning for successions and inheritances with the purpose of minimizing the impact of the inheritance tax (Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones) within the established legal framework.
  • We advise and assist our clients, both individuals and corporations, with tax collection, management and inspection proceedings.
  • We defend our clients against administration-led tax management, collection, inspection and review proceedings, pursuing the corresponding appeals for review and economic-administrative claims where appropriate.
  • Also, we defend our clients before the different contentious-administrative courts in all types of legal proceedings against tax management, collection, inspection and review acts.
  • We plan and advise on all types of corporate restructuring: mergers, splits, exchange of securities, etc.

International Taxation

  • We help corporations plan the tax-related aspects of their overseas expansion, advising them on tax matters concerning the foreign assignment of employees and the creation of subsidiaries, branches and permanent establishments abroad.
  • We offer the most advantageous solutions for the repatriation of private capital.
  • We study operations that involve several countries, applying tax treaties to avoid international double taxation.
  • We advise workers assigned to Spain on tax filing obligations for foreign employees.

Our Team of Lawyers and Economists Specialized in Tax Law

Our Department is made up of Economists and Lawyers with extensive experience in the different areas in which we provide services. We take a multidisciplinary approach adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Aware of the realities of the business world, our team devises an initial tax strategy with the support of other departments in the firm. The goal is to anticipate potential problems and enable our clients to fully comply with their tax filing and accounting obligations while reducing their tax burden as much as possible.

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