Bankruptcy Law

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What is Bankruptcy Law?

Our Bankruptcy Law department handles all matters related to bankruptcy for the commercial business owner and non-business individuals.

Bankruptcy Law is one of the branches of our legal system that has seen the most interest during the recent years of economic crisis; its role, despite the improvement in the economy, continues to be very significant. Furthermore, it is a particularly complicated and technical branch of law whose appropriate application can help to guarantee the continuity of companies in crisis and the survival of private households.

What services are included under Bankruptcy Law?

Within the bankruptcy field, we have proven experience in specific and relevant areas such as:

  • Advice during the pre-bankruptcy phase.
  • Application for voluntary bankruptcy.
  • Application for involuntary bankruptcy.
  • Advice on agreements with creditors.
  • Advice during the liquidation phase.
  • Bankruptcy-related incidents.
  • Liability of company administrators in the qualification phase.
  • Representation of creditors and loan defense.
  • Debt refinancing and restructuring.

Our Bankruptcy Law Team

The professionals in our department have extensive training and proven experience. They teach courses on the subject at different institutions, are regular lecturers on Bankruptcy Law in trade and business forums and collaborate regularly in the media regarding bankruptcy matters.

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