Criminal Law

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What is Criminal Law?

Criminal Law is the set of legal provisions that regulate the punitive power of the State. It relates facts, strictly determined by the law, with penalties, security measures or corrections resulting from the execution of a particular act, and its purpose is to uphold the fundamental values needed for the healthy coexistence of individuals in a society.

In recent years, the traditional field of Criminal Law has undergone profound changes, entering areas that were foreign to it until now. These changes have posed new problems regarding the interpretation of many categories of the general provisions- the case of the sudden emergence in the socioeconomic field- which requires constant adaptation to the challenges arising from the current situation.

To whom are our Criminal Law services directed?

At our office, we provide personalized advice to both victims of crimes and those who have been charged with criminal offenses, whether they are natural or legal persons in either case.

Criminal Law is perhaps one of the most sensitive areas of law, which means that the client must feel especially protected.

What services are included under Criminal Law?

Among our most requested services, we highlight:

  • Grievances, complaints.
  • Driving while intoxicated, injuries, threats.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Socioeconomic crimes.
  • Corporate compliance or criminal protocol for companies.
  • Civil liability as a result of a crime.

Our Criminal Law Team

Caruncho y Tomé has a strong Criminal Law department with a team of highly qualified lawyers offering accredited forensic experience. They are experts at defending the interests of their clients in particularly challenging environments and are especially focused on crime related to material, economic and corporate delinquency.

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