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What is Family Law?

Family law consists of the set of rules and legal institutions that attempt to govern the complex world of the personal and material relationships of the members of a family, between themselves and with third parties. These relationships originate in marriage and kinship.

Family law is in a constant state of transformation: the emergence of new family models -single-parent families, blended or reconstituted families, those formed by unmarried heterosexual or homosexual couples, and even other cohabitation relationships that lack the affectio maritalis that is typical of marital or couples relationships and are based solely on mutual aid or assistance-, has forced our legal system to evolve constantly to tackle new challenges in Family Law.

What services are included under Family Law?

Our firm offers the following services in the field of Family Law:

Marriage, Civil Partnerships and Minors

  • Separations and divorces, by mutual agreement or contentious.
  • Dissolutions of partnerships, by mutual agreement or contentious.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
  • Changes in custody and parental responsibility, home-stay arrangements, child support, alimony and financial compensation, use and enjoyment of the marital home, etc.
  • Claims for non-payment of pensions.
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property.
  • Adoption cases.
  • Parental guardianship disputes.
  • Paternity claims.

Canon Law / Religious Annulments

  • Marriage annulments and separations.


  • Declaration of disability.
  • Arrangement of legal guardianships, inventory and accountability.
  • Court authorization of the sale of a minor / disabled individual’s assets.

Extension of parental guardianship of a disabled minor

Our Family Law Team

Due to the constant evolution of the regulations that govern personal and material relationships within the family unit, it is fundamental to rely on specialized advice from an experienced professional in the field. At Caruncho y Tomé, our family lawyers will help you find the best solution to any problem affecting your family environment.

Aside from our trustworthy guidance, drawing upon our extensive experience in and knowledge of Family Law, we are committed to providing professional and personalized customer service, with the understanding that this is required when resolving situations in our clients’ private lives.

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